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The word largerst online database of free books. You can read all sort of books online or you can download them in zipped ASCII or HTML format.

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Furniture Hire UK - supply and hire out furniture for conferences, exhibitions and events, TV and film work, offices and to educational establishments..

Kiddies Kingdom - Kiddies Kingdom was previously known as the Nappy factory, it started operating in the early 1980's by its current MD Mr Hanif Patel. With very few baby suppliers around, the nappy factory found a gap in the market place and managed to establish there selves very quickly.

How to be an Army Officer - Army officer promotes the army as a choice of profession

We firmly believe that it is best practice to build a site with the most features that are practical, and have the site degrade gracefully in browsers that don’t support them. Does this mean that someone who is using the most cutting-edge browser will get a better experience? Certainly.

But a person using a less-capable browser will never know. They will get the best experience we can give them in that particular browser.


Accessibility is more than a social convention or polite nod to disabled persons. In some countries (such as the UK), it is a law. In the event that your website will be accessed in those countries, we want to make sure you’re protected.

All websites that we build will meet WCAG level 1 accessibility requirements, at a minimum. Also, accessibility is more than helping people with disabilities get to your site. It is about getting everyone who can to your site. Whether they’re on a Mac, PC, PDA, Cell phone, using a screen-reader (an audible browser for sight disabled persons) or any other method, we want to make sure that your website will not prevent any potential customers from learning about your business.