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Dynamic Approach

We deliver a fresh perspective, a creative approach and innovative solutions to help you achieve results, by looking at old challenges in new ways.web design

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In parallel with these services we provide fresh approaches to Business Generation to help you capitalise on the opportunities available to and your business.

In addition, our complete range of services will provide you with all the marketing resources you need to succeed. Whether it be telemarketing to generate appointments, a database of companies to mail shot, copywriting for a new brochure, a survey of your customers, research into your competitors, or training for your sales team, Salt Marketing will provide you with the right skills and resources. We will support you in whatever way works best for your business.


We specialize in custom designed or bespoke solutions tailored to your needs as well as offering a range of standard designs for exceptional value for money.

In today's business world, a domain name and a web presence are a must. All major businesses have domain names. The Web is now a part of everyday commercial life and your domain name is your identity on the Internet. No business web site is complete without one.

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Webmaster forums

Most important: Whatever your business offers - whether it's a product, a service, or information - it should be easy to access on your site.

Google guarantee

Have your website on the front page of google or your money back.

Target Audience of Your Web Site

Only then do we start to suggest how to identify and reach your target audiences.

Our web freeware section has a good selection of freeware programs that you will find useful when building and promoting your sites.

We have a Free PHP Scripts Directory with over 500 free PHP scripts.

The surf for traffic section lists the best manual surf and auto surf traffic exchange programs.

We have a good selection of articles written especially for webmasters.

You will find various free content resources that are available for your web site in ourFree Website Content section.

Town's business group is so FAB
A new business group has been launched in Fakenham to encourage local businesses to promote what they do and cooperate with each other.

Are you looking for a place to host your site for free? 
Then visit our Directory of Free Web Hosts. We have demo sites for most of these hosts so you can see how your site could look if you host with them.

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Visual Quality

We believe that each website we build should reflect the culture of the business it represents. It should also convey trust and competence to the customer. To this end, other than the potential use of stock photography (when custom photography is not available), all graphics are built from scratch using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe (formerly Macromedia) Fireworks.

Valid Code

Probably one of the most overlooked aspects of web design. Most of your customers will only see the surface: the finished product. There are almost infinite ways a web site can be coded. However, at Romaka Web Design, we understand the importance of valid code. By valid, we mean that the code in our websites meets the standards set forth by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). By following these guidelines, we can ensure that updates to the site are simple and cost effective, the site will be cross-browser compatible, and will be accessible.