Search Engine Optimisation - want to be No. 1 in Google?

You realised that to succeed in the modern market, your business needed a web presence. So you've got a website, and you're proud of it, and it's cost you a lot of money, but so far, you haven't had many emails, and business hasn't improved like you were told it would.


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You thought, "there must be some way of optimising my Cornish website and improving my search engine placement". So, you sat down in front of the computer again, did some research and hey presto! Here you are, a WELSH search engine optimisation website.


At Babblecom, we believe in keeping things simple. So, no hype or long words, no trying to make search engine optimisation any more than it is - a combination of up-to-date knowledge, experience and lots of work.


What is 'SEO'?

Internet or digital marketing has two separate processes: optimisation and advertising. "Search Engine Optimisation" or "SEO" is the subtle alteration (usually to the hidden code that creates it) of the pages in your website. This is to encourage the programs that search the web (for the Search Engines such as "Google" and "Bing") to place your website higher in the search results than your competition.


One of the key requirements for achieving those all-important 1 to 10 results in Google is link building. This is the "advertising" part of the process, where by we gain as many "links" to your site as possible from other relevant websites and directories. This "advertising" impresses the search engines by showing how popular and useful your site is, and so it gets promoted further up the results pages where it can be of more use to the Search Engines users.

What do you want from your website?

So, what do you want to achieve? You have a website, but it's not working for you. Now - you need to know before you approach any Internet business such as BabbleCom - what you want from your website. If it is simply an Internet presence, to advertise on brochures, magazines and business cards, then you don't really need our service, but you are missing a trick.

How can I improve my website?

A fully optimised, marketed website can be all you need to promote your business. Reduce those costly magazine or newspaper adverts that most people gloss over anyway and are lining the cat's litter tray within a week. Your website can be made to work for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week and will still be working whilst you're on holiday, at Christmas (or any religious festival of your choice) or having a lie in Sunday morning. We can even write search engine friendly content for you.


People all over the planet looking for businesses like yours will be able to search for and find your website and see what you have to offer. You already have the website; let it work for you.


This is where we come in. The staff at Lefthand Marketing are fully fluent in the latest search engine placement techniques; we have the experience and knowledge to optimise the pages in your website to the best effect. We will analyse your site and report to you any necessary changes, including keyword analysis, to help your website achieve its best possible search engine index position.

Contact us now for a free, no-obligation SEO site appraisal.


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